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In this forum you can join under me as my referral and I will give you back some percentage of my referral earnings to you.

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Click on the site name below to join as my referral :
Standard members : 0.01$/click and 0.005$/referral click

You will earn :
50% for first 100 clicks = 0.0025$/click
60% for next 100 clicks = 0.003$/click
70% for next 100 clicks = 0.0035$/click
80% for next 100 clicks = 0.004$/click

Money Received : YES
1) Received 2.02$ INSTANT via Paypal. Payment Proof

My Current Balance : 0.00$ (cashout at 2$)

Just reply in this topic with your username which you have used to sign-up under me. I will check and then confirm your sign-up
Make sure the referrer name is "chocolacioux"

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i have joined buxwiz as your referral,my user name is shv214

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User shv214 confirmed. You can now start earning from my site. Good luck!

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i also joined now with username : nishadbanodkar

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User nishadbanodkar confirmed. You can start earning from this site now. GOOD LUCK!

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