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In this forum you can join under me as my referral and I will give you back some percentage of my referral earnings to you.

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How to get my referral earnings ?

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1How to get my referral earnings ? Empty How to get my referral earnings ? on Fri Aug 14, 2009 6:17 pm


These are the simple steps you need to follow in order to earn from me.

1) Go to the BUX sites topic from the main forum.

2) Join any of the sites present.

3) Make sure that "pupupd" or "chocolacioux" is the referrer name while registering, or else you won't be in my down line and I won't be able to pay you.

4) What you will earn is clearly mentioned in each of the topics about the site.

5 ) Check your balance to know what you have earned for clicking under me. You can check your balance in "Member Status" section.

6 ) I will pay you as soon as you request payment in Request payment section.

7 ) At the moment I will be paying to only paypal account, later I will use alertpay account.

8 ) For paypal you can request payout at any moment ( no minimum payout).

9 ) I will update your status every sunday. I will also make payouts on that day, you will get paid instantly.

10) If for some reason, I do not update then please mail me at "" . I will respond you immediately.

11) For any doubts or site bugs or link erros. Please post your queries at Doubt section in main forum

I will update your balance only after I am paid by that site.

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